Posted by: Kelly | November 28, 2012

My 2nd Thanksgiving as a Vegan, and an 8k Run

As the title says, this was my 2nd vegan Thanksgiving.  I find myself loving the food so much more now than I ever did in my “pre-gan” days.  It was a bit of an odd Thanksgiving though because this past summer my parents sold the house we’d lived in since I was in the 6th grade.  The place where they live now just didn’t feel like home.  It was a good thing there were only the four of us (we have practically no extended family) because there were only two bedrooms.  Onto the pictures.

See my dad in the background? Hard at work preparing the feast, obvi 😉

I don’t do black Friday.  You couldn’t pay me to be a part of that insanity, but I did stroll through the cute little town of Occoquan and visited my mom at her store there.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my dad, brother and I all participated in the Drumstix Dash 8k at Burke Lake.  My dad got inspired to start running when he watched me complete my first marathon this past October, and since then he has been training for this race.  At 72 years old, he was one of the oldest runners out there!

I love this picture!


my dad doing the “Gangnam Style” warm-up 😉

the bro-ski

I stuck with him at his pace to try to coach him and keep him company since I knew he’d be trailing near the end of the pack.  Although I kept trying to get him to slow down so that he could run at a steady pace, he just wouldn’t listen.  Instead there was a lot of sprinting for about 20 seconds before he wore himself out and had to walk for a while to recover.  Oh well, I tried 😉

Approaching the finish line, we both looked at each other before gunning it the last several yards.

He ended up doing really well for his first race in probably almost 40 years!  Our finish time was 1:11:05 for an average pace of 14:18 which was better than his normal pace of 15 minutes per mile, plus he’s never run further than 3 miles in his training.  Way to go Dad!


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