Hi!  My name is Kelly and I live in Philadelphia.  As of January 1st, 2011, I am a vegan!  It is something that I have been getting closer and closer towards doing for quite some time.  Here’s a little bit of my history…

– Have never eaten seafood.  Ever.  It just never had any desire to try it.

– Stopped eating pork and beef in 8th grade after a gross ham sandwich in my lunch bag.  Prior to this I didn’t eat much pork or beef anyway, but I did miss bacon and pepperoni for a little while.  Most people are shocked to hear that I’ve only had two hamburgers in my whole life.  I remember both instances quite clearly- I was at friends’ houses and afraid to be rude so I gagged them down.

– Switched over to almond milk sometime around 2006.

– Swapped in Tofutti for cream cheese and Earth Balance for butter sometime around 2007.  Around this time I also stopped buying cheese and eggs except for rare occasions.  I would still eat products made with dairy and eggs, however.  I still ate meat in the form of chicken and turkey, but still probably a lot less than the average person.

– In 2010 I made a goal to eat vegetarian two days a week, vegan two days a week, and whatever I wanted the remaining three days.  Towards the end of the year I started reading more about the food industry and watching more documentaries.  In October of 2010 I decided to finally stop being a “wanna-be vegan” and fully go for it in the new year.  I wanted my veg-iversary to be 1-1-11 😉

My other interests include spending time outdoors, running (I have completed two half marathons), hiking, animals, cooking, trying out all of the great restaurants Philly has to offer, yoga, obsessively organizing things and making to-do lists, and watching shows about hoarders!

I hope this blog will allow me to share what I already know, and what I learn along the way, with vegans and non-vegans alike, and that the veteran vegans out there can offer me advice!  Leave comments- I love them!




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